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Jardin Du Desert



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deep richness of oud, uplifting fruity bouquet & slightly freshness.


Oud, Mint, Barries, Peach Essence, Lemon Essence.


SAHARA FUSION: is the recipe of the heart of a Moroccan souk, we stumbled upon an ancient secret. Marrying the heritage of oud with the invigorating essence of mint and the fruity medley of berries, peach, and lemon, we forged a sensual scent uniting tradition and freshness. This fragrance conjured Morocco's soul – the warmth of desire on desert nights, the allure of passionate embraces in bustling markets, and the hidden corners where intimacy blooms like tranquil oases. Sahara Fusion swiftly became a prized possession, not just for its captivating aroma, but for the way it intimately transported its wearers to the very heart of Morocco's timeless and sensual appeal, now embraced by Jardin du Desert.

perfume oil / huile de parfum / for him & for her / 6 ml
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