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Jardin Du Desert



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fresh sweetness, musky, warm, fruitiness & soft.


Mix of Fruity Oils, Strawberry Essence, Chocolate Essence, Musk.


TWILIGHT REVERIE: Perfume Composition No. 9. As twilight enveloped the city, a captivating fragrance emerged, tailored for those who sought the allure of freshness with a touch of sophistication. Perfume Composition No. 9 was a symphony of scents that captured the essence of the evening. It began with invigorating notes of succulent strawberries, evoking memories of joyful picnics. A hidden depth unveiled itself with the scent of delicate chocolate, a decadent surprise that transformed the composition. Musk emerged gently, like a soft caress, binding the strawberry and chocolate notes. It whispered of intimate connections formed in the embrace of the night.

perfume oil / huile de parfum / for him & for her / 6 ml

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