She Knows.

Tatiana Mrynska, hailing originally from Ukraine, introduced her unique oil-based essences to the US market in 2022.

From delicate floral notes to exotic spices, each Jardin fragrance is blended to create a unique and captivating scent that will leave a lasting impression.

Jardin Du Dèsert perfume formula has a long-lasting and rich aroma that lingers on your skin all day and all night. 

Expressing the beauty and allure of Saudi Arabia.

Tatiana Shares Her Story of Discovering the Jardin Formula, While Studying the Culture of the Middle-East.

  • What is that you're trying to communicate with your brand? 

"Through my brand, I hope to share the beauty and sensuality of Middle Eastern fragrances with the rest of the world.

Our brand values are centered around the quality of our products. All our fragrances are based on natural oils, and we are committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity. Our fragrances are more than just a product; they embody personal style, scent, and memory. They can remind someone of a pleasant experience, a romantic encounter, or a special moment in their life.


  • What Inspired You To Create Your Own Perfume Line? 

​"I used to live in Saudi Arabia and traveled extensively throughout the Middle East, visiting countries such as the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, and Jordan. During my travels, I was intrigued by the use of oil fragrances in the region and decided to explore this further. I started using oils on myself and received a lot of positive feedback about how attractive and alluring the scents were. After conducting some research, a lot of research, I discovered that certain oils can have aphrodisiac effects, create strong arousal, and last very long. Certain specific essences helped me to feel  more connected to my inner powers, I simply couldn't resist on sharing this experience.  

​Drawing on my experiences and knowledge gained during my travels, I curated a collection of unique and alluring fragrances that cater to both men and women. Through my brand, I hope to share the beauty and sensuality of Middle Eastern fragrances with the rest of the world."

  • The Perfumery Craft of the Middle-East is Quite a Mystical Process. How did You Find Ways to Actually Create the Scents? 

Yes, as we always mention, our brand draws inspiration from the rich tradition of perfume-making in the Middle East. While my time in Saudi, I've conducted a lot of research on local perfumery production and reached out to a lot of experts in that field. My biggest discovery, was Hanaa, my  dear friend. She shared her expertise in the perfume production, helped to invent the essences and supplied all the secret ingredients. She's been a true inspiration and a real help to start the brand. The key secret is, there's no formula, or synthetic ingredients. Only pure oils: Amber, White Musk and Oud. The key challenge was to find the oils with the exceptional quality, which are not commonly accessible on the market.  Hanaa did an excellent job helping me in that mission. 

  • What Makes Your Perfume Different From What's Already Available on the Market?

​Good Question, even though the Arabic Scents are raising their popularity on the US market, surprisingly, currently there are no similar quality Oil-Based Middle-Eastern Perfumes available on the market just yet. Also, it is important to note, this this is not the alternative to other perfumes, it is a completely different product. As it's Oil-Based, you can apply it at any time, and still combine it with your favorite perfumes. Jardin du Desert is designed to just underline your unique essences, unique notes, it is not conflicting with any other perfumes of your choice. I think this creates a very sexy and a very elegant and exclusive effect.    

  • Are you Planning to Expand Your Perfumes to the Mass Production?

​No, one of the main values of the brand is it's exclusivity. My main focus is on quality over quantity. We cater to the men and women who are the true Connoisseurs, Collectors, Scent Explorers. Jardin, strives to be associated with discovery, elegance, powerful sexuality and cultural sacrament.