The Brand is Nothing Without it's Values

To craft a truly magnificent perfume, one must artfully intertwine the essence of base, middle, and top notes, harmonizing them into an olfactory symphony that evokes luxury and sophistication.

​Much like a master perfumer meticulously combines top, middle, and base notes to create an enchanting fragrance, Jardin artfully formulates its values, where Quality, Tradition, and Empowerment Converge, to fashion a tapestry of excellence and purpose.

Base Notes: 

A Commitment to Giving Back 

Working with a talented woman from the region, I discovered Middle Eastern perfumery's true essence and a way to support her family sustainably. As our brand grows, we aim to hire more women from the Middle East, tapping into hidden talents globally. Empowering women like Hanna, who crafts our essences, is my passion. Our fragrances symbolize hope and our top notes embody our vision. Blending oils from Saudi Arabia and Egypt, they capture nature's authenticity. Our mission is to create more job opportunities for women, anchoring our perfumes with purpose. If you're a talented woman seeking to contribute, please email us at

The base notes also symbolize a dual journey of hope, as we aim to assist war-affected children through donations to MECA. With every purchase you make at the end of the year, 10% of our proceeds will go to support kids. You can find more information on how you can help them at

Middle Notes:

Personalized Hygiene and Cultural Connection

Our oil fragrances offer exceptional hygiene benefits, especially in hot weather or regions like Florida and California. When applied, these oils mix with your natural sweat, creating a unique scent just for you. This concept dates back to the Middle Ages when perfumes helped hygiene due to bathing restrictions. In contrast, the Middle East valued oil use and frequent baths. As the scent unfolds, middle notes reveal embedded wisdom. Jardin du Desert isn't just about oils; it's about education and inspiration. With natural ingredients, we connect cultures by showing how to blend our oils with Western perfumes, promoting cross-cultural appreciation beyond borders. 

Top Notes:

Beauty of Oil Fragrances

Now, let's explore why Jardin du Desert's oil fragrances can transform your fragrance journey. These scents exude sensuality and confidence, inviting you to embrace a timeless essence. Our fragrances encapsulate the essence of captivating, romantic, and beautiful tales.

Consider this: a pleasing scent can boost your self-assurance. With increased confidence, you naturally become calmer. When you are calm and relaxed, it can enhance your overall attractiveness and awaken your sensuality. Suitable for all genders, our fragrances capture the opulence of oud, amber, and musk, highly cherished in the Middle East, evoking mystique and allure. Particularly enchanting when worn during the evening or explore their nighttime enchantment.